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Friends of the Band is an annual membership that will enable continuing and consistent revenue to ensure the band’s future. There are four levels of giving: Friends of the Band $50-$249; Silver Friends of the Band $250-$499 (includes two tickets to our indoor concert in the reserved section); Gold Friends of the Band $500-$999 (includes four tickets to our indoor concert in the reserved section); and Platinum Friends of the Band $1,000+ (includes six tickets to our indoor concert in the reserved section). Our fiscal year is April 1 to March 31.

2018-2019 Season (as of February 10, 2019)

Daniel Haines and Lee Crawford
Bob and Maureen Lorenz
Hal and Cindy Reisenfeld
Ralph and Barbara Struzziero

Greg and Sara Billings
Kenneth Libby
David and Nancy Mance
Craig Mayer
Richard and Pamela Stolz

James and Patricia Bruneel
Dennis and Barbara Burke
Ed and Karen Burnette
Phelps and Judy Carter
Ralph and Carol Chrisinske
Fred and Kathy Eisner
Bob and Deirdre Griswold
Tom and Beth Maguire
Nancy Malecek
Pat and Judy McNarmy
Richard and Louella Mosciski
Joseph and Helen Sandza
Jeffrey and Deb Wacksman
Kay Woodruff

Joyce Albro
American House Residents
Sam and Joan  Arneson
Harlan and Sharon Aspengren
Lynn and Renée Asper
Connie Baehr
Susan Beaudet
Barbara Belisle
Cindy Bello
Bob and Ginny Bernstorf
Jim and Joan Black
Jim and Gail Blackburn
Lynn Blake
Jim and Kim Blakeslee
Ingrid and Bob Bornstein
Fred and Nancy Borowski
Chris and Patricia Bracy
William Brasile
Peter and Sally Burgess
Sara Burke
Jerry Cassidy
Chris and Deb Caudill
Bill and Jane Christ
Michael Ciccarone
Santo and Betty Cimino
Barbara Collier
Dan and Nancy Cornville
In Memory of Dan Cunning
Jay and Darlene Davison
Jim and Gretchen Davison
Paul ad Jean DeSena
Rich and Tricha DeSousa
Richard and Janet Doppes
Greg Downey
David and Kathy Drake
Tom Duncan and Sandra Morriarty
Malcolm and Nadine Dunham
Richard and Ann Dymond
John and Lois Elder
Ken and Susan Feinthel
Bruce and Anna Fernald
Erick and Janet Flippone
Tom and Pam Fromelt
Bill and Ann Gallagher
Steve Gallagher
Norman and Bunny Ginis
Pete Godshow
Leo and Beverly Greenstein
Richard and Sheila S. Haag
Mary Hagen
David and Carolyn Hall
Denis and Nancy Hamlin
Lynn and Marjory Harned
John and Patricia Hattery
Richard and Deborah Hill
Carolyn Weeks Inman
Barbara Jaeger
Robert and Nancy Jaycox
Sylvia Kagan
Tim and Judy Kary
Fred and Elsa Katz
Bill and Mary Keefer
Jim and Carolyn Kline
John and Judith Kluever
Wolf and Rosie Kraft
Gerald Kral
Stefan  Krchniak
David and Susan Langendorfer
Bob and Chris LaVigne
Ray and Clarice Lee
June Mabie
Mike and Tina MacDowell
Donna Madden
Birny Mason
(In Memory of Joyce Mason)
Charles and Sue Mathy
John and Diana McCabe
Gardner and Pam McCormick
Mark and Kathy McMachen
Jim and Barb McMahan
Keith Merrill
Patricia Mett
Bud and Joyce Meyer
Jim and Linda Mizeur
Richard and Denise Mohr
Bill and Pat Momberger
Dave and Betsy Moynehan
Ted Munsch
Kathy Nederveld
Thomas and Deborah Nesselhauf
Karen O’Bryan
John and Carol Paterson
Mary Pattison
Linda Picone
Irvin and Judi Pressman
Scott and Gretchen Ramsay
Mel and Kay Resnick
Michael and Judy Richter
Bill and Marilyn Roberts
John and Carolyn Roscich
Patrecia Ross
Jerry and Sheila Rubin
Bob and Peggy Rutledge
Dr. and Mrs. Neil Scheffler
Louis Schindler
Harvey and Diane Scholnick
John and Sylvia Schraff
Stand and Carolyn Sharkey
David Shepherd and Georgiana Gallagher
Ed and Susan Shults
Jerry and Nancy Sidman
Raymond and Bernice Smith
Wayne and Janet Smith
Darrol and BettyLu Spurgeon
Raymond and Carol Stark
Angela Stathatos
Mary Straley
Frank and Marianne Stramaglia
William Sunkenberg
Bob and Barbara Taylor
Philip and Marylee Turcotte
Bill Vance and Pat Phelan
Joseph Vento
James Walker
William Louise Warshauer
Norbert and Judith Wheeler
Mr. and Mrs. Whitely
Rick Wilson
Ed and Lillian Young

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4 thoughts on “Friends of the Band”

  1. Use the DONATE button. Click and follow instructions. In the comments section, say that it is for tickets to the March concert.

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